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From 2001 to 2002, Michael underwent a prolific period of songwriting culminating with an album’s worth of material. Recorded entirely in his home studio, these tracks were made available from his official website. This experience helped Michael transition from an aspiring musician into a live performer. After briefly supporting acts on stage including Kingz Ransom and Joey D’Anna, Michael teamed up with a few friends in 2005 to create the band Pico DäDä.

With Pico DäDä, Michael acted as bassist and part-time vocalist contributing a number of original compositions to the band. These songs touched on subjects such as lost relationships, reconnecting with people, society's ills, and war. Michael also co-wrote many of the bands songs including “Prelude to Disappointment” and “Green then Blue”. In 2009, Pico DäDä completed the sessions for their unreleased debut album, “I’m Not Fall Down”. However, a year later the band officially broke up.

The same year, Michael joined Elastic Pyramid playing bass and keyboards. As a contributing songwriter, Michael’s approach is to write tight melodic bass lines while alternately allowing open space for melodic guitars and vocals.

In 2011, Michael began recording songs for what would become the soundtrack to IronMiners, a community dedicated to preserving mining history. Exploring darker themes, Michael covers genres including ambient, industrial, as well as classical music.

Listen to Michael Hetman on SoundCloud »