Elastic Pyramid
Elastic PyramidSelf-described as “wrong rock”, Elastic Pyramid fulfills a unique nitch of dynamic music designed for a live atmosphere. Featuring Michael Hetman on bass and keyboards along with Mark Haseltine, John Garrity, and Marc Mozeson, Elastic Pyramid is part improvisation and part intricate songwriting. The band's sound is a genre defying meld of melodic instrumentation crossing all barriers of music including rock, jazz, electronic ambience, folk, and bluegrass. With influences that transcend philosophy, nature, and spirituality, Elastic Pyramid explores the emotional roller-coaster of life from relationships to profound life changing moments in life.

The band was originally formed in northern New Jersey in an attempt to create a distinct blend of integrity, versatility, and mainstream allure while maintaining a sarcastic edge. Reflecting emotional turmoil within the confines of reality, they touch on topics such as politics, childhood bliss, and personal relationships just to name a few.

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